Home Inspections are a critical part of the home buying / selling process. Honest, knowledgeable and experienced home inspectors are invaluable.

It is our mission to self-regulate each other while upholding and exceeding the standards for the home inspection industry. In the old days, there were few standards for training / proficiency and almost anyone could buy a flashlight, a ladder, and print some business cards. The Idaho Association of Home Inspectors provides training and keeps members informed of any changes / updates to local regulations / codes, construction standards, or technology / equipment improvements that may help us serve our clients better. IAHI acts as a voluntary, regulatory association. Our association is compiled of knowledgeable, and experienced home inspectors. Our members are fully insured and have performed a minimum of 1,000 paid inspections.

Bottom line, our mission is to establish and promote standards for home inspections and to provide access to educational programs / training to help our members achieve excellence in our profession.