The Idaho Association of Home Inspectors periodically chooses heroes to donate a free home inspection to. The total value of the donation by the Association is valued at $350 per donated inspection. Feel free to nominate military, veterans, police, or firemen to receive one out of ten inspections.

Send us a short story about the hero you’re nominating, including their contact information, as well as yours.

Nominate A Hero

  • Address of Home to Be Inspected
  • Why does your hero deserve a free home inspection?
  • Phone Number, Email, Mailing Address

Terms & Conditions

-Home must  be located within Ada or Canyon County, Idaho.

-Recipient must be 18 years or older.

-If you are included in the specified professions (military, veteran, police or firemen), you can nominate  yourself.

-Must sign inspection agreement/ release of liability prior to inspection with your individual inspector, and with IAHI to claim your inspection.

-Recipient must be in the process of buying or selling a home, or currently living in the actual home, NO RENTALS will be considered.

-Odds of receiving one of these donations are based on amount of applicants received.

-By applying for this donation, it is agreed that Idaho Association of Home Inspectors will be held harmless for any disputes or litigation that may arise between the independent members and their clients, which includes any and all recipients of this donation.

-IAHI is a group of individual home inspection companies who come together frequently for education, camaraderie, and public service.

-Any disagreements between members of IAHI and their clients, will be deemed separate from the Association and will fall under the contractual agreement of the particular company hired, as well as be bound by the agreement signed with IAHI.

-Chosen recipients will be notified by telephone or email.

-All selections will be made by  the Idaho Association of Home Inspectors panel.

For questions, or more information, contact Randy Funk, President of IAHI (208) 914-5793.